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Douglas Beasley Photogrpahy
Posted by Nathan Krämer on 10/1/2019
Kara Irish Pottery
Aranware Dinner plate -- Trellis & Interlace patterns
Posted by Nathan Krämer on 8/6/2019
Smith Shop, Highland Park, MI
Smith Shop, Highland Park, MI
Founded in 2012, Smith Shop is a dynamic craft-centric metalworking studio based in Detroit, Michigan. Smith Shop produces quality metalwork of all descriptions specializing in the custom fabrication of gold, silver, copper, brass and steel while also producing limited-production wholesale runs ranging from jewelry to architectural hardware. Over the past couple years Smith Shop has been recognized for excellence through numerous awards and by publications including Saveur, Food & Wine, Metropolis, Dwell, and American Craft. In addition to its manufacturing business, Smith Shop offers access to its metalworking facilities in Highland Park through classes, workshops, and private lessons.
Posted by Nathan Krämer on 8/6/2019
Omaha Artist Watie White
Posted by Nathan Krämer on 6/1/2019
Custom paint-by-number generator.
Posted by Nathan Krämer on 4/10/2019
Food Blog, Kori
Tags: Link, Posted by Nathan Krämer on 3/23/2019
Medieval and Renaissance Food: Sources, Recipes, and Articles
Tags: Link, Posted by Nathan Krämer on 1/27/2019
Tuesday Johnson Historical Indulgences
This blog is a collection of vernacular photography and ephemera focused mainly within the curious and often misunderstood realm of 19th century America.
Tags: Link, Posted by Nathan Krämer on 1/27/2019
Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities
to promote an integrated approach to sustainability through education, public visioning, partnership, research, demonstration, and coordination. Sustainable design is the promotion of human systems in balance with the natural environment. The Institute was established to promote an integrated approach to issues of sustainability and to facilitate this process. In our educational programs and pilot projects, the Institute provides an opportunity to explore the broad concept of ‘sustainable development’ and look further at specific applications on a project-by-project basis. Each project is different in order to cover a range of issues.
Tags: Link, Posted by Nathan Krämer on 1/27/2019
Artist C. W. Slade
Born in Los Angeles, CA, C. W. Slade is a contemporary mixed media artist working in a variety of mediums including painting, collage and printmaking. She incorporates her travels, philosophy, and poetry into her own unique artistic language. She is a storyteller using the artistic process as a means of exploring life’s mysteries. Beneath the surface of each painting are evocative suggestions of color form and language that reflect the artist’s process. Her paintings allow the viewer freedom to participate in the process by offering clues, messages and fragments of meaning. Recognizable images are gracefully integrated within the abstract composition thus creating a bridge into the painters territory.
Tags: Link, Posted by Nathan Krämer on 1/27/2019

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