Phonetic Alphabet

The NATO phonetic alphabet, more formally the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet, is the most widely used spelling alphabet. The NATO alphabet assigns code words to the letters of the English alphabet acrophonically (Alfa for A, Bravo for B, etc.) so that critical combinations of letters (and numbers) can be pronounced and understood by those who transmit and receive voice messages by radio or telephone regardless of their native language, especially when the safety of navigation or persons is essential. The paramount reason is to ensure intelligibility of voice signals over radio links.

Letter Code word Pronunciation  
A Alpha AL FAH  
B Bravo BRAH VOH  
C Charlie CHAR LEE  
D Delta DELL TAH  
E Echo ECK OH  
F Foxtrot FOKS TROT  
G Golf GOLF  
H Hotel HO TELL  
I India IN DEE AH  
J Juliett JEW LEE ETT  
K Kilo KEY LOH  
L Lima LEE MAH  
M Mike MIKE  
N November NO VEM BER  
O Oscar OSS CAH  
P Papa PAH PAH  
Q Quebec KEH BECK  
R Romeo ROW ME OH  
S Sierra SEE AIR RAH  
T Tango TANG GO  
U Uniform YOU NEE FORM  
V Victor VIK TAH  
W Whiskey WISS KEY  
X X-ra ECKS RA  
Y Yankee YANG KEY