of our home in Omaha, c. summer 2012

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Living Room & Dinning Room
This is one large room with oak floors and a fire place (which we are not to use.) The picture window faces the south. We have our oak settle and oak rocking chair with our dinning room table and the pie safe. On the walls we have our wedding picture by the front door, the Mount Rushmore pictures above the dinning table, our Grant Wood picture of The Threshers above the CD cabinet and our collection of Blecko glass displayed at the fireplace.

TV, Music, Reading Room
The first picture shows the long hallway from the dinning room area to a bath (on the right side,) the TV room (on the left side,) Amy's sewing room (on the far left) and our bed room (at the very back.) We have our double recliner, side tables, and the stereo /TV in this room. Behind the couch are four of my art pieces from the Schumann series, the design for our wedding mural and two prints of Brahms and Beethoven by Jack Coughlin over the TV. (I've run speaker wire from the stereo to speakers in our living room so we have music in the front rooms.)

Amy's Sewing Room
The back northwest corner room is Amy's sewing/project room. Here she has her tall desk and two rolling work tables. The sewing machine is setup on a desk; always ready to work on projects. We hope to have things setup to make this into a guest room when the occasion arises.


This is the largest bedroom we have ever had. There is room on both sides so we each have our own dresser and chair. The iron bed was from the Kramer family and the quilt was made by our friend Joann Hohensee. There is a small bathroom with a shower off of the bedroom.

The kitchen is in the front of the house overlooking the street. It has vintage metal (St. Charles Brand) cupboards. Our square oak (Dana dinning room) table is used as our breakfast table. The two white cupboards on either side were from our earlier days in Omaha. Here we use them again to hold glassware and cookbooks. On top of the cupboards is our collection of vintage Chianti bottles. On the shelves above the table we have the serving pieces from our everyday dishes. There is a door way off of the kitchen that leads to the side patio and to the lower level.


View from our front door, living room window and kitchen.
Because our house sets high off of the street we have a wonderful view of our neighbors' gardens. There are twelve steps from the driveway to the front door, and a ground level side door into the lower level mud room. This is a duplex that was built in 1955. Our unit is on the left (west side.) We share our drive with our neighbors next to us in our duplex. There is another, almost identical duplex (double unit) up the street to the east.


Office (a.k.a Nathan's Man Cave)
Downstairs is a large room that is used as an office and library. There is a door that leads to the garage, and another door that leads to the mud room and out to the driveway. There is a small cedar closet under the stairway.

Storage Room (Downstairs)
One of the real bonuses is having a large storage room. The room could be used as a family room or game room, but we really need storage -- especially after living in a big farm house for 12 years. Many of our dishes and catering things are stored here in a way that gives us easy access to the things we use often.


Laundry Room (Downstairs)
Pretty basic here. There is a toilet in the corner with a basic laundry sink. Two cupboards give us room to store our canning supplies. Off to one corner, we have little work space setup for his Nathan's art things.