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Max Riffner -- Web Design
Design Dana College's Old Home page
Tags: Link, Posted on 1/8/2003
Organ Music Catalog
Classical and Theatre Organ
Tags: Link, Posted on 1/8/2003
JFK casket
Documents relating to disposition of JFK casket
Tags: Link, Presiential Posted on 1/6/2003
Tiger Maps
Web based maps test concept with local census data and other information.
Tags: Link, Maps Posted on 1/6/2003
U.S. Copyright Office
Library of Congress
Tags: Link, Posted on 1/3/2003
Photography Collection
New York Public Library
Tags: Link, Images Photography Posted on 1/3/2003
Danish Immigrant Museum
Located in Elk Horn Iowa
Tags: Link, Posted on 1/3/2003
Wooden Periodic Table Table
Real table depicting the periodic table of the elements
Tags: Link, Science Posted on 1/2/2003
Graveyards of Omaha
Tags: Link, Posted on 12/24/2002
Glass Harmonica
Finkenbeiner makes traditional Glass Harmonica instruments.
Tags: Link, Music Posted on 12/17/2002

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