Wedding Party Photo of
Katherine (Kate) KRAMER  & Thomas (John) JURGENS
Married 11 May 1923, Bethune, Colorado   (Certificate #1497 states May 10th)
This photo was taken with the group standing on the west side of the adobe house on the Chris Kramer farm.

Wedding Party Photo of Kate KRAMER & John JURGENS


       (click here for large photo without numbers)

1      Lydia STUTZ Gramm-1108  
2   Fredericka STEGG Adolf-86 Grandmother of the Bride
3   John ZIEGLER-249  
4   Christina BOEPPLE Ziegler-350  
5   Margaret Adolf-339 Aunt to the Bride (& local midwife)
6   William ADOLF-247 Uncle to the Bride
7   Rev. Otto KLOECKNER -94 Pastor & Father-in-Law to Pauline Kramer-89
8   John JURGENS-92 Groom
9   Kate KRAMER-88 Bride
10   Bill KRAMER-395 Brother of the Bride
11   Pauline KRAMER-89 Sister of the Bride
12   August D. ADOLF-456 Cousin of the Bride
13   Mary ADOLF Kramer-432 Cousin of the Bride & Sister-in-Law to the Bride
14   << unknown>> Maybe Margaret KRAMER Lofink-76  
15   John ADOLF-341 Cousin of the Bride
16   Chris KRAMER-144 Brother of the Bride
17   Carolina ADOLF Gollie-437 Cousin of the Bride  (father was Andrew ADOLF)
18   Frieda ADOLF Weissaar-435 Cousin of the Bride
19   Neitte ADOLF Hasart-434 Cousin of the Bride
20   Bill Ziegler-353  
21   Amelia KRAMER Stahlecker-90 Sister of the Bride
22   Christ ADOLF-433 Cousin of the Bride
23   Otto Ziegler-352  
24   Elma ZEIGLER Stahlecker-357  
25   Emma ZEIGLER Dobler-358  
26   Esther ZIEGLER Arends-359  
27   Fried ZEIGLER-348  
28   Anna ZEIGLER Strobel-355  
29   << unknown>> Maybe Margaret LOFINK Stahlecker-1257
30   << unknown>> Maybe Christine LOFINK Rouse-4228  

  Photo identification was mostly done by Lydia STAHLECKER Adolf March 2005
  Photo form the Collection of Mary & Chris Kramer